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Button and Daisy wait patiently for signs of Spring

Button was very excited that we got him a little sister “Daisy” in Sept. 2014.  They have become great pals running all over the farm exploring.  

They are patiently waiting for signs of spring, but have really enjoyed greeting everyone that has come to the farm recently in preperation for the upcoming events in June and July.  

Here are a few photos of them from the winter.  And if you enjoy these you should like us on Facebook to follow the antics of Coton cuties Button and Daisy.

Button hops into the Gator to go to PA with Tom


Button wants to go with Tom as he leaves to go to Pennsylvania to Titusville and Coolsprings Power Museum

Button looks out the window


Button looks out the window hoping Spring is here

Today is Easter and it is still a bit chilly here in Eliot Maine.  When will spring arrive??  Lots is happening at the Raitt Farm Museum - the old windows are being reglazed, primed and painted, gardens planned, posts peeled and so much more…….

Timberland Earth Day rescheduled


Last thursday the date for the Timberland Earth Day was changed to May 15th due to Mother Nature staying around a bit longer than expected.  We can’t wait to see everyone and work on all the projects.  A Greenhouse will be built from the old windows on the farm, a garden started, fence line repaired, shingles squared, primed and painted, clay pot crafting, scarecrow making and more.  Come join us!

Hi from Button

This is the first full day of spring!  Welcome to my blog!  I love living at the RHFM.  33 acres of beautiful fields, woods, trails and more.  Today TImberland is coming out to visit me…..We are working on the April 17th day where over 100 volunteers will come to the farm to accomplish some big projects on the farm.  

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